Slot machine test: Pipeliner

It is not so easy to truly original slot machines, which although still clearly in the genre are recognizable, but still lots of life into the thing. If a slot once neatly dancing out of line, then it is the slot machine Pipeliner mercury security. Here, everything is a bit different, if it is ultimately yet to a slot machine. In each round is reversed, at least more or less. Because instead of rotating rollers a new field with symbols is raised simply, even if this is done from top to bottom. This direction is also crucial in pipe liner, because so also the winning lines will be counted and not from left to right as in other games in the slot casino. But above all it goes to spin, also not about, the same symbols but as a coherent line of tubes which even runs from top to bottom. On the way, there are even diamonds, the profits can also increase. The slot Pipeliner is definitely a gain in each slot machines Casino.

And of course it is offered primarily at Sunmaker Casino. Here, you can pipe liner free play with you but there is no risk, but also no real chances. This is available only if you sign up and play with previously deposited money.

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Pipeliner play online

Also if you already have experience with slots, so this is pipe liner slot but a bit different. First, you see a game board of hexagons, which change with each round. While all symbols show only tubes. And these must be connected. From the upper to the lower tubes. As soon as there is a continuous connection, a win is awarded. The more connections there is also the higher the profit. But there are also symbols, but only on the different fields are integrated, can make a big difference.

If a diamond on a symbol, that belongs to a counting number of profit, then this provides a multiplier that even once properly can increase the profit. The same is possible also with the wild, used but also like a Joker in Pipeliner. While there are no winning lines in the classical sense, so you can change but at least your usage and thus direct influence on your profits. Higher stakes can lead to higher profits, if you're the lucky on the tubes.

Slot game symbols in the Pipeliner online slot

First and foremost the machine has different fields with different directions and fork tubes. Thus, it is important that a connection is built up from top to bottom. But there are also symbols in the strict sense. These are diamonds, which can be seen on some of the fields. There are yellow, blue, red, green and blue diamonds, which all serve as multipliers. The blue multiplier verzehntfacht your winnings. This also applies to the wild, that can replace but otherwise quite a cane field.

Slot machines instructions by Pipeliner

Also when in pipe liner, a lot is different, so the slot is but not harder to play than other games in the Casino. This is because ultimately that you need to add just your usage. However, it is still not done, with a profit, because the chance is you two Gamblefunktionen available. With the card or the risk of head of, it is possible to increase your winnings. Of course always a risk associated with.

Conclusion to the Pipeliner test

Basically, the pipe liner slot machine has no better odds of winning than so many other slot machine. But in any case, it is a very successful change, as you will find them otherwise rare in the slot casino. It is exciting, whether now a line can be built up in each round. Thanks to the multipliers very high profits with pipe liner available.